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About Us

As a recognized industry leader, we are used to working with customers of all sizes, local or global, small and large. Extraordinary quality not only forms the basis of our company, but also guides all of our decisions, from what materials to buy and how to provide the best service to our customers.

As we serve in a competitive field, we constantly invest in technology and research activities that will keep us above average. Our commitment to quality is the guarantee of our success as well as your satisfaction.

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Our products

High Standards in Production and Materials

With its wide range of products, FreeSure Baby Shoes offers you not only high quality, but also a variety that will help you find what you are looking for. We guarantee customer satisfaction with the highest quality materials, the most advanced production technologies and our expert team.

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He does not use materials that will harm the health of the most precious babies who cannot express his discomfort. All of the materials supplied from our suppliers are quality certified and approved to pass the tests.
In particular, no synthetic material is used for the inner lining of the shoe; Only cotton combed cotton is used, which does not allow the foot to sweat or get cold while taking air.
The leather used is in a polyurethane structure and is more reliable because it does not go through chemical processes like real leather. Prestige eva is used for the sole to take the shape of the foot. In non-toddler babies, care is taken to have an insole that takes the shape of their feet, not a hard sole. In addition, the weight of the models is kept under control as they limit the freedom of movement of babies; Care is taken to be light.

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Our Designs

Our most basic principles in our designs are ease of use and foot comfort. We take care that parents can find the most suitable shoes for their feet with our measurements that can follow the foot growth of their babies. Since we know that every baby's foot is not the same, we reproduce our designs with different patterns so that they can choose the right shoes.
Of course, we are aware that babies' shoes should also have a fashion. We deliver our Summer and Winter collections to many babies around the world through the fairs we attend and our dealers.

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It implements total quality management with its trained personnel at every stage of its organization and production. Thousands of shoes produced without sacrificing workmanship are ensured to be of the same quality. It combines the quality materials used with the highest quality of workmanship. It carries out the process from cutting to packaging with boutique production logic and meticulousness in its production without using contract manufacturers in its production.
Apart from the Freesure brand, it continues to produce special brands known in Turkey and abroad.

We are proud to offer you the best quality products. Contact us for detailed information.

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